WONDER, is poignant short film about an 11-year old boy from the hood questioning the traditional gender system.  This multi-award winning film (including the coveted HBO Best short film Award from the Academy Award accredited Martha's Vineyard African American Film festival), is touring the world as an educational tool and corporate training tool. 


Private screenings including Q&A / Workshops with our film makers are being used to start a conversation that is bridging the gap between the queer and non-queer community.



WONDER tracks the events that transpire when Sammy encounters a heroic drag queen and secretly starts dreaming of trick-or-treating as a female super hero for Halloween. Confused and fearful of these unfamiliar feelings, Sammy begins to question his gender in relation to the world around him, and how this secret will affect his relationship with his blue collar, single father, Frank.


“This is a film about breaking stereotypes, loving our kids unconditionally, and letting them know that they’re perfect just the way they are. I hope it inspires people to let go of who they believe they have to be, and to open their hearts to discover who they really are,” says Gabriel Furman, Co-Creator/Writer/Producer.


“This generation of kids is asking hard questions about our gender system -- we can choose to accept, nourish and support them – or we can continue to condition them with stereotypical beliefs. WONDER starts that conversation that will one day lead to a society where our differences are embraced as an important part of our unique greatness,” states Javier Molina, Co-Creator/Director/Producer.




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